Acknowledgement of Traditional Owners

I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of Eastern Victoria.  They are the Woiworung tribe of the Dandenong Ranges and Bunwurrung tribe along the coast from the Prom to the Mornington Peninsula, both of the Kulin Nation.  I also acknowledge the Gunai-Kurnai Nations from Gippsland, and Tidwell Nation from the border. I pay my respects to their Elders, past and present, and the Elders from other communities who may be also present in our communities.

Indigenous peoples walked the routes through eastern Victoria long before white folk arrived, for example, the South Gippsland Highway was once a major trade route, the Bunwurrung Way.  Sale, where the rivers join to feed the Gippsland Lakes, was a major gathering place.  The Prom was sacred to both Kulin and Kurnai people.

I honour Bunjil, the Creator-spirit of the Kulin people, in offering these blogs.

I also acknowledge the history in blood across this land.  There are massacre sites across Eastern Victoria.  We need to right this shame, and change the name of the electorate which covers the central part of Gippsland to right the wrongs done to indigenous people.

*Photo from Invasion Day, 25 January 2015 at Belgrave Park.